One should do and experience all the thrilling things in his life, which he has dreamt of. At camp craft, you can fulfill all your dreams as the Camp offers you number of activities and action packed adventure. Guests can enjoy thrilling activities like River/Valley Crossing, Flying Fox, Swinging Bridge, Burma Bridge, Bamboo Bridge, Parallel Rope Crossing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Commando Rappelling, Hiking, Jungle Trekking, Local Village Trip, Jungle Camping and many more.

The camp site has an Indoor Activity Hall, wherein, the visitors can enjoy Table Tennis, Carom, Cards, Chess and number of other indoor games. Besides the aforesaid Indoor activities, the campsite gives unique experience of outdoor sports like of Archery, Shooting, Volley Ball, Badminton etc.


The Himalayas offer unlimited opportunities for rock climbing. The Camp craft has one of the best locations in the area, which provide rock climbing experiences under professional guidance, where safety is the prime concern. A team of well trained and experienced instructors equipped with essential and UIAA certified equipments and tools ensure that the climbing and rappelling experience is thrilling and safe. Basic climbing techniques, such as use of anchoring and belaying, ascending and descending techniques, use of Jummar, rope fixing etc. are taught by the instructors.


There can be no better way to witness the imperial beauty of mountains than to trek through the scene. Trekking on mountain trails gives one, a chance to pause and enjoy the small flowers, the quiet hush, the stillness and solitude. It is also a good physical exercise that builds self-confidence, resilience, discipline, camaraderie and endurance. Trekking promotes team building and leadership skills also.


The 'far from the maddening crowd' environs of Campcraft are perfect for inducing a sense of peace and rejuvenation in the heart, mind and body. This experience can be intensified with the practice of Yoga and Meditation that are proven to be stress busting activities which rejuvenate the mind and spirit as well as the body. The absolute tranquility and natural beauty of Camp Craft is conducive to yoga and meditation and guests can enjoy transports of happiness through these experiences.


Take aim and shoot straight. In the salubrious surroundings at Camp craft, one feels as valorous and winsome as a warrior of olden times. There’s no better way to let loose the marksman or woman in you than to let fly at a top class archery/shooting practice session that will form a life time memory.


If peace, solitude and complete affinity with mother nature is what you seek, then you will find it while listening to the happy chirping of rare birds and insects that inhabit the specially protected nature zone surrounding Camp craft. Share time and space with our winged friends and feel at one with Nature.


You can shoot as much as you like but only with a camera. The amazing panoramas, natural beauty and abundant and verdant flora and fauna will make every shot an unforgettable image. Camp Craft also conducts customerised Photography workshops, undertaken by professionals and experts. The place, where camp is situated, has a vast unexplored flora and fauna and is known for its majestic 270 degrees view of peaks of Kumaon Himalayas, comprising of peaks like Trishul, Nanda Devi, Nanda Devi East, Nanda Ghunti, Panchachuli etc., the place is also known as Photographer’s paradise.


Nothing can match the sheer luxury of curling up with a good book, with a cup of coffee/tea within easy reach and catching up on some reading. The wonderfully restful environs and peaceful spaces in Nature’s Lap will lull you into total synergy with yourself and your book at Camp craft. There is a library, with hundreds of books of varied interests, where guests can pick a book to suit their interest and then enjoy the same in the lap of nature.


Explore the great outdoors or the culture lifestyles and practices of the local traditions and people. The anthropological aspects that you can glimpse while living at Camp craft will be an unforgettable peep into the centuries old life traditions of the hill people who still maintain the old ways.


When the mountain chill numbs your fingers after a day of adventure and exploration, unwind and warm yourself at a bonfire that will warm the very cockles of your heart too. Sing, tell stories and indulge in fun and games while staying cozy and carefree with great company and a huge bonfire at Campcraft.


No holiday is complete without music, dance and melodies. Celebrate life and make memories for a lifetime while dancing and singing at the jam sessions and musical gatherings that are regularly organized for guests at Campcraft.